I am a pharmacist and I live in Charlotte, NC. While I am a pharmacist by day, I am also a photographer.

The purpose of my website is to introduce my photography services and share some of my photos. With my blog, I wanted to comment on a variety of topics. In combination with photography-based posts, I also wanted to express my thoughts on real-life situations, humorous musings, etc. In other words, I wanted to create a blog that was varied in scope and entertaining. I hope both photography enthusiasts and non-photography followers can get some entertainment from my blog.

I want to thank you for visiting my site! I appreciate you letting me share my photos and life experiences with you. Please follow more of my work on Facebook!

Photo Shoots - What You Can Expect

I perform photography sessions for all occasions. I have done engagement photos, high school senior photos, toddler and newborn sessions, photos for advertising and marketing for professionals, etc.  I enjoy challenges and embarking on new photography opportunities.

My approach is to treat each client with my full attention. My philosophies are in deep contrast to the photographer who hurries, doesn't take time editing photos, and produces "straight out of the camera" photos. I believe strongly in preparation before the shoot. I work closely with clients to produce poses, sets, etc before the actual shoot. After the shoot, my fundamental approach is to give each photo my undivided attention.  It's my belief that each photo requires a certain amount of editing, finishing touches, etc.


I offer many different packages including digital files, photography prints and canvases, framed solutions from The Organic Bloom, etc. So, each client is different in regards to pricing.  Once the client gives me more specific information about what he or she wants in regards to products, then I can provide an accurate price.

Contact Me

If you are interested in a photo shoot, please send me an email through the Contact link at the top, right-hand portion of the webpage.  Specifically, let me know about your expectations. What do you want?  What type of photos are you interested in?  What time frame are you looking at? Are you local or out of town? Give me the appropriate details and I will email you back!


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